Travel through Tennessee's history this school year at one of the best learning sites in the Southeast! Historic Travellers Rest Plantation prides itself on an Education Program that rivals any in the Southeast! Our staff includes educators and historians with many years of working with students, always researching material to provide quality instruction taught in an authentic manner. In addition to our varied lineup of programs, we also offer custom educational programs to fit the specific instructional needs of your classroom or home school program. Our Education Programs are ready and waiting to take your students on a ride through history that stimulates learning in a historic setting.
Travellers Rest Educational Programs
Select from programs or festivals listed below or you can customize a program with
add-on activities that are more specific to your needs

Step out of the classroom and embark on an adventure
through time at Historic Travellers Rest Plantation!

Explore 1,000 years of history from the ancient and mysterious Mississippians to the Battle of Nashville
and make learning about Tennessee's rich history an adventure
your students will never forget!

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Discover just how fun history can be with our one of a kind Scout programs!
Come on out and earn a badge or just have fun!
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No boring history here! Loosen your funny bone and set your imagination to warp speed for a fun
filled trip through history at our award winning day camps!