Historic Travellers Rest Plantation’s education programs are offered year-round or seasonally. The average length of each program is listed but may vary due to size of group and involvement in program. Please allow plenty of time for your group to enjoy the full program. Additional activities may be added to each of our education programs.

Travellers Rest Educational ProgramsFor those who do not have a group of 15 or more, "Home School Days" provide the perfect opportunity to register for a program without a minimum number of students required.

Choose from field trips listed below or customize a program with add-on activities that are
more specific to your needs. Please LINKS  |  CONTACT US for any additional information or prices.

Year-round Field Trips

School Feild Trip Creating Hanky Dolls

Discover and experience life on a Middle Tennessee historical site, Historic Travellers Rest Plantation, during the early 1800s! This program combines all of our most popular activities to create a picture of life in antebellum Nashville. It includes an abbreviated tour of the historic house, lessons in our schoolroom, playing with old-fashion toys, and your choice of a hands-on activity.

Activity choices include: making handkerchief dolls, writing with quill pens in autograph books, playing with old fashion toys and even visit a one room schoolhouse…just beware of the switch!

Program can be adapted for students of all ages
Program length is 90 minute

Mystery of the Moundbuilders


Explore one of American history's biggest mysteries...the Moundbuilders! Almost 1,000 years ago these pre-historic Native Americans built a village on the land that is now occupied by Historic Travellers Rest Plantation. The Mississippians built complex cities and large earthen mounds. They had agriculture and far flung trading routes. Then one day their civilization disappeared and even today no one knows exactly what happened. Visit Historic Travellers Rest Plantation and learn about Tennessee's lost people...

Includes: Story Telling and multimedia presentation, Food tasting
and Artifact sharing, Green Corn Dance, and Gorget making.

*Historic House tour can be added for $1.00 per student.
Best for 1st-5th graders.

Program length 90 minutes

Nashville 1864

In the winter of 1864, the fields and orchards near Historic Travellers Rest Plantation became a battlefield. Learn how the soldiers lived and fought. Hear the stories of the civilians who found themselves caught between the armies. Discover how surgeons treated the sick and the wounded once the battles had ceased.

Includes: Historic House Tour with focus on Civil War Nashville, Visit
with a Civil War surgeon, Quill Pen Writing, and a Day in the Life of a Soldier.

Best for 4th grade through High School
Program length is 120 minutes

Deluxe Hours Tour

Into The Wilderness TourTravel back in time to when Tennessee marked the western frontier and learn about the world of soldiers, settlers and Native Americans. Discover the Nashville of 200 years ago and along the way hear about John Overton and a few of his famous friends, Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson.

Includes: The Life of a Long Knife (frontier soldier), Historic House
Tour, Gorget Making, Living History Experience in Judge Overton's
Courtroom OR Frontier Schoolhouse.

Program can be adapted for students of all ages.
Program length is 120 minutes

Deluxe Hours Tour

Designed especially for those studying Tennessee history, this tour highlights Judge John Overton
and the many roles he played in our state's history. This program includes a deluxe tour of the historic house
and grounds, and all supplies needed for a craft activity to follow up in the classroom.

Program can be adapted for students of all ages.
Program length is 60 minutes

Plantation Holidays

Quill Pen Writing at Travellers Rest Plantation
See how the holidays were celebrated before Santa Claus and Christmas trees!
Enjoy a customized tour of the historic house filled with holiday decorations. 
Practice your quill penmanship, sip on some delicious syllabub and kick
up your heels with an old time country dance.

INCLUDES:  Quill Pens and Holiday Cards, Virginia Reel Dance, Syllabub
Tasting and Ornament Creation

Best for Grades:  K-6th
Program length:  90 minutes 

Plantation Holidays

Valentins Educational Tour

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day in classic Victorian fashion!
Enjoy dancing the Virginia Reel, make a Valentine for the birds, practice wood block printing and
tour the historic house. Along the way, you will learn a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day and the
customs that made this holiday a favorite in Victorian times.
So...will you be our Valentine?

INCLUDES:  Quill Pens and Holiday Cards, Virginia Reel Dance, Magnolia Bird
Feeder and Historic House Tour

Best for Grades:  K-3rd
Program length:  90 minutes 

Festival Field Trips

19th Century Trades Festival

Bastweaving at Travellers Rest Plantation
Don't miss this opportunity to see history from those experienced in their craft. 
Great for all ages! Make reservations now for your students to step back in time
and see craftsmen create and demonstrate.

Enjoy stepping back in time as period artisans demonstrate 19th century skilled crafts, including pottery making, candle dipping, flint knapping, corn grinding, corn husk, doll making, rolling hoops and much more!  Several hands-on activities are also a part of the annual event. the lost arts, skills,and crafts of the early 19th century. Interact with many artisans such as the broom maker, lace
maker, weaver, and soap maker.

Two days in the month of September, check calendar for exact dates and times.
Best for Grades: All
Program Duration: 2-3 hours, Add-On Activities: Not Necessary